I love coding, every aspect of it. But, one thing I love to do most; is to code for code (meta coding?). I have done so many pet projects for developers such as; GraphQL framework for Java, Multiplayer Backend Solutions for games, Logstash JDBC Plugin, etc. But one thing that I used most was the @Spot, a Spotify plugin for IDE family of JetBrains (tested for IDEA and Rider 202-203.*).

I have first developed @Spot over two years ago. I was frustrated because the project that I was working on was canceled due to some conflict of interest between two of my executors. If you can not code for your employer, what do you do? I code for myself. Ever since I am using @Spot in every project that I do. I love marking my classes with the music I was listening to while coding it. I love the ability to change the music that is playing, from my absolute favorite IDE.

So, I would like to share with all of you; @Spot got approved by JetBrains!

It is MIT licensed and completely open on GitHub; https://github.com/oldborn/at-spot