As a software engineer and game academic, I generally have no time to pursue my hobbies and interests like Game Programming.

At the start of my professional career, I had the chance to use the Unity3D game engine. I made several games with it and had a lot of fun. After several projects, I had to shift my career towards the backend to maintain the company I have established. Still, whenever I have the chance I try to learn new game technologies.

Last year I tried the Godot. Although it has great potential (open source), I never seize into the Godot wind. The lack of community and resources was too much of a deal for a hobbyist such as myself.

This year, I decided to learn the engine I was neglecting the most, Unreal Engine 4. C++ is my favorite programming language. Ironically that’s why I wanted to learn UE4 and that’s why I did not. Because of the little time I have, I decided to follow an approved course and completed the “Unreal Engine C++ Developer” on Udemy. I am shocked at how easy and newbie-friendly the Unreal was! In just a few hours, you can create glorious-looking prototypes even without the blueprints. And free assets! Wow! I think I will continue learning UE4 because you know, it actually IS unreal.

Here are some examples that I do as challenges through the course (I’ll add some details as soon as I got some time…):

Toon Tanks

Pumpkin Spice Latte in Space!

ASG: Another Shooter Game!